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National Moving Day is September 1st

Have you ever wondered what the most common day to move house is in the UK?

National Moving Day is September 1st – the day when more tenants move house than any other.

In fact, 8.4 times more house moves occur on September 1st than average, and 34% more moves than the second busiest day of the year.

That’s nothing compared to Quebec, in Canada, though – where 50% of house moves take place on July 1st!

That means we think about 50,000 families move to a new rental property on September 1st alone.

Can you guess the least busy day of the year to move house?

If you guessed Christmas Day, you’re right – though we still estimate around 500 families move to a new rental property on Christmas Day a year!

What you should do to prepare

Here’s something that a lot of landlords don’t know: depending on the exact wording of the contract, a tenant often does not need to give notice to leave the property on the last day of their tenancy.

That’s right: if you haven’t checked in with your tenants recently, it’s really important to do so – especially if your tenancy is ending soon.

You don’t want to be left with a void period – and maybe an expensive mortgage to pay, with no cash coming in – if your tenants leave without giving notice!

National Moving Day is September 1st, and the most common day for tenants to move, so perhaps it’s a good time to drop your tenants an email or call.

Nobody likes nasty surprises!

You should get your property to market 3 – 4 weeks before it becomes available.

To prepare for National Moving Day, we’d strongly suggest getting your property advertised in the first week of August.

We expect – especially with COVID restrictions lifting – National Moving Day 2021 to be particularly busy!

Advertise now to make sure your property isn’t empty.


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  1. This is really great insight, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Yes, thank you!! It’s so so important to keep in contact with your tenants, especially coming to the end of tenancy!

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