2023 king's speech
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9 November 2023

King’s Speech 2023: A Quick Summary for Landlords

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25 January 2023

Important Dates to be Aware of in 2023

Uncertainty over Section 21 plans. Three questions the Government must grapple with.
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1 June 2021

Important Changes to Notices and Evictions You Need to be Aware of – June 2021

Law & Regulation
27 May 2021

Under the hood: how OpenRent helped our 3.2 million landlords and tenants get EICRs during a 600% spike in demand

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8 March 2021

Budget 2021 & Tax Day: Landlord Summary

A landlord guide to the 2019 general election in the uk
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26 November 2019

Landlord Guide to the UK General Election 2019

Right to Rent criticised by High Court judges in UK
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7 March 2019

Right to Rent Checks Attacked by High Court

OpenRent Essential Landlord Update: October
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25 October 2018

Essential Landlord Update: October 2018