Tax & Finance
5 August 2022

Are Letting Agents Ripping Off Landlords?

a fireplace in a home
Law & Regulation
31 March 2022

Using the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme as an OpenRent Landlord

Law & Regulation
21 January 2022

Important dates for landlords to be aware of in 2022

Uncertainty over Section 21 plans. Three questions the Government must grapple with.
Latest News
1 June 2021

Important Changes to Notices and Evictions You Need to be Aware of – June 2021

Law & Regulation
27 May 2021

Under the hood: how OpenRent helped our 3.2 million landlords and tenants get EICRs during a 600% spike in demand

OpenRent expand to let boards to Manchester & Liverpool, start auto-fill advert descriptions and tenant concierge service
OpenRent News
10 July 2018

BBC Appearance, To-Let Boards & Easier Adverts