OpenRent Secure Investment and Improve Customer Service

Your OpenRent Service is About to Get £4.4m better

We’ve just secured £4.4m of investment from Global Founders Capital. Hooray for us, right?

Sure, we’re happy. But here’s why that matters for you.

Landlords – We’re Going to Make Letting Your Property Even Easier

So far, we’ve helped tens of thousands of landlords to rent out their properties. Our average to let time is 8 days and landlords save £2,800 with us on average.

We’re now using this investment to make your service even better: better tenant screening, improved tenancy creation services and cutting-edge online support. By phone, email, computer and mobile device, it’s going to be a smoother ride than ever.

You’re going to have more guidance, even faster to-let times and better quality enquiries. OpenRent is a streamlined tenancy-creating machine, and our only mission is to make it work harder for you, the landlord.

Tenants – Find Your Dream Home Faster, and Still No Admin Fees

Tenants will continue to benefit from our total ban on admin fees. You won’t find out-of-date listings on our site, and our number of listings continue to skyrocket, meaning every day there are more properties out there you can move into, admin fee-free.

We’ll be adding even more detailed search criteria, so you never waste time on properties that aren’t suitable for you.  Our new investment means your favourite, most tenant-friendly property platform isn’t going anywhere.

It’s the Perfect Time to Join Us

We’re looking for top drawer developers to join our industry-leading team.

We’ve been the largest UK letting agent since 2015. In 2016, we listed 50,000 properties – that’s way more than even the biggest high street agents.

With our momentum and resources, we’re now in a unique position to define the next ten years of a rapidly growing proptech industry.

Our transparent, tech-enabled approach has cracked open the traditionally murky lettings market, and revealed a huge potential for expansion. From our market-leading position, your innovations will have huge influence on the way people find a place to live for years to come.

It’s a chance to do something great, and help thousands of landlords and tenants avoid the huge fees that have been associated with renting for so long.

Find out what we have to offer. View our Angel page now.

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This article is not intended to form legal or investment advice. Investments in property are not guaranteed and can decrease in value as well as increase.

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