Why you should add a floor plan to your property advert

7 Reasons a Floor Plan Will Get Your Advert More Attention

When preparing the advert for your rental property, it can be tempting to miss out a floor plan. It’s not essential, right?

Actually, it’s an increasingly important part of a property advert.  Don’t believe us? Here are 7 reasons to include a floor plan in your ad.

1. What Is a Floor Plan? It’s an Essential

A floor plan contains some real basics.

  • how big your property is in square feet
  • how big the rooms are
  • room configuration: which rooms are connected to, or are above, which others
  • where the entries and internal doors are
  • which way your property faces (north, south, etc.)

2. It Is the Clearest Way to Display This Information

Your floor plan shows the tenant all of this info in one simple picture. It is the best way of accurately communicating all of this so that the tenant can understand it quickly.

This is important when you consider that a tenant looking for a new home might look at one hundred properties in a day. Making all your information easily digestible increases the chances they will dwell on your advert instead of skipping to the next one with the nicer pictures.

3. Avoid Pointless Viewings and Get Better-Quality Enquiries

You will notice fewer timewasters and better-quality tenant enquiries. Floor plans put prospective tenants in a much better position to decide whether the property is suitable for them.

For example, tenants who need two equally large bedrooms will be able to see the bedroom sizes from the floor plan. If they can see from the plan that your property doesn’t meet this condition, they are less likely to arrange a viewing and pull out afterwards. This saves you both time and effort.

4. Images Don’t Eat into Your Word Count

A floor plan will describe the rooms and their sizes without using up any of your wordcount. You only have a limited number of words to use in your property description before the tenant gets bored and stops reading, so why waste it describing square footage?

This is your opportunity to really sell your property to tenants, so make sure you save enough words for the job. Let your words sell while your floor plan describes.

5. Renting to Professionals? A Floor Plan Is a Must-Have

With families or couples sharing a 1-bed, the size of each room in relation to the others is less important. Adults get the big bedroom. Kids get the smaller one.

But if you know your property is most likely to attract professionals looking to share the property, then the configuration of the rooms is suddenly crucial. It will affect how they divide their rent and their quality of life greatly.

Displaying this information upfront is crucial for landlords advertising to groups of professionals. Since the number of flat-sharing professionals is growing, floor plans are set to be increasingly important over the next few years.

6. Square Footage Is a Crucial Justification of Rental Price

Along with location and number of bedrooms, the overall size of your property is one of the top factors in working out your property’s rental price.

If you don’t provide the total square footage, such as in a floor plan, then you are failing to justify the rental price to prospective tenants. This puts tenants off, making them suspicious. They now have to do work (i.e. call you or arrange a viewing) to find out the answers they need, so will be less likely to enquire.

7. Yours for Life and Unlikely to Change

Unless you’re planning some major work, your floor plan will remain accurate forevermore, meaning you won’t have to get one next time you’re looking for tenants. You can just the same one again, forever!

How to Get a Floor Plan of Your Property

OpenRent offers a floor plan service in conjunction with our professional photography. For £25 we deliver a watermark-free, accurate floor plan of your property that you can use forever.

Get your professional floor Plan today


  • Floor plans are the best way to convey essential property information
  • They don’t use up any of your wordcount
  • You will receive better-quality enquires and fewer time wasters
  • Floor plans are most important to professionals, since room size and configuration matters more to them than to families, etc.
  • By including total square footage, a floor plan is crucial to justifying your rental price

This article is not intended to form legal or investment advice. Investments in property are not guaranteed and can decrease in value as well as increase.