OpenRent Launches Free Renewals

This month, we’ve made three cool improvements to how OpenRent works and we’re excited to share them with you!

Together, they save you even more time and money than before, and we can’t wait for them to make your life as a landlord easier.

  • Free tenancy renewals
  • Easy payment history
  • Improved viewing scheduler

Tenancy Renewals

Last month, we launched our new tenancy renewal service. You can now renew your Rent Now tenancy with your existing tenants for free, with absolutely no renewal fees.

All of our Rent Now tenancies automatically become periodic when their fixed term ends, meaning renewal isn’t necessary for the tenancy to continue.

But there are often cases where a renewal is useful for the tenants or the landlord. The demand from you, our users, to build this was really high, so we’re happy to launch this new product.

Tenancy renewals can be initiated from your OpenRent dashboard once your current contract’s fixed term has 2 months left to run. Just select the tenancy you wish to renew.

We think renewal fees are often hugely inflated, with many agents pushing a renewal of the tenancy just so they can claim their fees. OpenRent will never push you to renew your tenancy – but now, if you want to, you can do it for free.

what are my options at the end of a fixed term tenancy?

Your Payment History in One Place!

You can now find a detailed, dated log of all the payments you’ve ever made to OpenRent in one place.

We hope this feature will be useful for tax and your personal records, making it easy to provide evidence of deductible expenses.

You can access your payment history through the OpenRent dashboard. Click ‘Property Services’, then ‘Payment History’.

You’ll see all your payments to OpenRent for services (if you’ve ever made any), with the ability to download receipts.

Previously, we simply emailed you receipts, which left the burden on you to keep records.

Now, they’ll always be available online, hopefully taking some of the strain off you!

Collated Payment History now available to OpenRent users
You’ll now be able to see a list of all payments you’ve made via your OpenRent dashboard.

Arranging Viewings Is Now Easier

Whenever you book a viewing with a tenant, we send them reminders before the appointment so they remember to show up.

We’ve improved this service by making it even simpler to book a viewing. Previously, landlords have had to enter the time and date into their bookings calendar.

Now, we will underline any times or dates mentioned in your chat window.

To arrange a viewing you can simply click on an underlined date or time. The calendar will pop up, and you can confirm the date and time for the viewing, which books it in on your and the tenant’s calendar.

Pretty neat!

We'll now recognise dates and times within your chat window. Just click on the date or time to add it to your viewings calendar!
We’ll now recognise dates and times within your chat window. Just click on the date or time to add it to your viewings calendar!

More to Come!

We’re always working to improve OpenRent.

As always, we really welcome your feedback and product ideas, so just comment below, drop an email to, or post on the OpenRent community forum:

Thanks for reading, and all the best!

Harry, and the OpenRent team.

Notable Replies

  1. This is about time. Clicking a few buttons to renew is big improvement on old system.

  2. Sam says:

    Yes - we’re really happy to be able to offer this!

    There’s loads more on the way, too, so stay tuned for more exciting updates!

  3. Sam says:

    Hi AJ,

    The first option! It will be our fully up-to-date AST agreement, with any improved or updated clauses included in the new agreement.

    The deposit will remain in the landlord’s DPS account and we’ll re-issue the How to Rent guide and the Prescribed Information about the tenancy deposit.

    The result is a new, up-to-date, secure tenancy for free!

    You can find out more below:

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12 Replies to “OpenRent Launches Free Renewals”

  1. Nice! One problem that I’ve faced with the two options for “ask a question” and “book a viewing” is that tenants don’t really understand the difference. In my experience, the majority choose ask a question and even when prompted to request a viewing they don’t do so. I tried to explain to a few people that it means they would get a nice text with the address and details but no one seems to get it! I think it would be easier to just have book viewing and be done with it. I love the texts and calendar updates but sadly hardly anyone wanted to use the book viewing option.

    1. Hi Aashna, thanks for your feedback! Hearing things like this is so helpful for our team when improving the product in future.

      1. Hi thats great news. I asked for that very feature last month as i had an enquiry that turned into a viewing. Well done for listening to your customers.

    1. Hi Vikas, thanks for your thoughts. It would be great to know what you’d like an app to do that loading the site on a browser on your iPhone can’t currently do?

  2. Totally agree with the suggestion above, tenants just don’t seem to see the difference between questions and book a viewing. Please change this, it would make life so much easier!

  3. I would also love to see a change to the rent now process. In the past applicants have pressed the rent now button and the property shows Let Agreed. I would like the option to look at all offers and then be given the choice to pick the best applicant rather than the fastest applicant to press the rent now button secures the tenancy (if the landlord accepts). If the applicant who has pressed the rent now button is rejected I have found that any other applicants have or are viewing other properties as my property already showed as Let Agreed. I would love to be able to pick the best applicant.

  4. Hi
    Love the service, these look like good improvements. One common issue I have with renewals, is for example – one tenant out of the original 3 is going to change after a year. Would be good if you could accomodate this within the system to add / change tenants, obviously a new tenancy agreement would need to be issued and it is not unreasonable for it to be a charge, but if there was an easy way to do this, it would be great.

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