Add a new tenant or guarantor to an OpenRent tenancy during your contract renewal

OpenRent Can Now Help You to Add or Remove Tenants When You Renew Your Contract

OpenRent started offering landlords a free renewal service in 2018. Instead of paying an agent hundreds of pounds just to renew a contract with tenants who already lived in your property, you could just click ‘renew’ to send a new contract out and handle your legal duties.

Since then, thousands of landlords who use Rent Now to set up their tenancies have benefited from free renewals with OpenRent. But now, we’ve made the service even better…

You Can Now Change Tenants (and Guarantors) During a Renewal – and OpenRent Will Handle the Admin for You

One of the most common requests that we’ve received from landlords is the option to add, or remove, tenants and guarantors during a contract renewal. You can now do this – and of course renewing is still free of charge. 

Renewing with a change of tenants can be a little tricky because there are several legal requirements to be aware of. Along with all the usual rules for a new tenancy (which OpenRent has always handled), during a renewal the outgoing tenants must be properly released from the old tenancy, with no future claim to the deposit. The deposit scheme must be updated and the new tenants must be added to a new contract. 

We’ve managed to integrate all these requirements into our new, revamped renewals service, so that you can be sure the new contract with your new tenants is fully compliant. And we do all of the admin for you. 

The tenant change renewal service is great for…

  • Saving everyone money. The service is completely free of charge for both tenants and landlords
  • Reducing deposit hassle.  If your deposit is protected with MyDeposits we’ll notify them automatically of any change to the people named on the contract
  • HMO tenancies. In most HMOs, tenants stay for different amounts of time, so being able to easily change which tenants are on the contract is important.
  • Removing a guarantor who is no longer required.
  • Good landlords. It’s now even easier for landlords to support tenants’ changes in circumstances if they need to move out and replace themselves on the contract.

I love this feature because…

OpenRent landlords have been asking for this service since we launched renewals in 2018.  We’re very pleased to now deliver a solution that changes the tenant, the guarantor and automatically handles your deposit admin. 

This is a service letting agents traditionally charge hundreds of pounds for, and it’s all totally unnecessary. We’re happy to be giving you this service for free. All it will cost is a few clicks from your OpenRent tenancy page. 

How to Use the Tenant Change Renewals Service

  • This service will automatically become available for any tenancy in the last two months of the fixed term. 
  • Simply click “See Renewals” option, confirm that you are looking to renew the tenancy and follow the onscreen steps.

We also offer a step by step guide in our Help Centre:

How to change a tenancy or guarantor on your contract.

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