how to attract more tenants to your property listing

How Can I Attract More Tenants to My Property Listing?

We want your property advert to attract as many tenants as possible, so we’ve identified seven major areas where you can improve it, and written a guide for each.

Just click on the sections below to dive deep, or scroll down for a quick summary:

  1. Add Great Photos
  2. Add a Floorplan
  3. Set the Right Price
  4. Allow More Kinds of Tenant
  5. Advertise Across All Property Portals
  6. Time Your Entry into the Market
  7. Lower the Upfront Cost

To attract great tenants as quickly as possible, be sure to follow each step, from improving your advert’s photo quality to listing your property on multiple platforms.

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Summary checklist: How to get more enquiries on your property advert

1. Add good photos of your property

When it comes to crafting an effective property advert, you can’t underestimate the value of top-notch photos.

Among these images, the lead photo takes the limelight, holding the utmost significance, as it’s the first photos prospective tenants come across. Make sure your space is neat, tidy, and tastefully decorated before you begin taking photographs.

For the best results that truly showcase your property’s potential, consider using the services of a professional photographer – it’s an investment that certainly pays off.

2. Add a floorplan

Floorplans is another aspect that matters a lot to tenants, as they place a greater emphasis on room size and layout in their considerations.

Not having one on your advert can make it seem like you’re trying to hide something, like a tiny, oddly shaped room, or a box bedroom.

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3. Assess your rental price

To figure out how much you should charge for rent, make use of our Rent Calculator which uses millions of data points to pinpoint a super-accurate rental price.

It’s a good idea to price your rent just below those significant, whole numbers to increase your property’s visibility. For example, if you’re aiming for a rent of about £800, you can experiment with listing your property in the range of £780 to £820.

To attract a broader range of enquiries, be open to different types of tenants, such as pet owners, DSS tenants, students, couples, and room-sharers.

4. Advertise across all online platforms

Boost your property’s visibility by spreading the word across all major online platforms. Share your OpenRent listing on your social media accounts and request your friends to do the same.

For an extra push, share it within housing-focused Facebook groups, where you can connect with potential renters who are actively searching for properties.

If you choose to list your property on OpenRent, we’ll not only feature your listing on our website but also on Rightmove, Zoopla, and other popular property portals, all for as little as £49.

OpenRent will review and publish your listing to all major property portals.

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5. Time your entry into the rental market

The timing of your entry into the rental market is also very important. You only have one shot to be the hot new property in town, so make it count by securing a top spot in the listings.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to post your advert around four weeks before your property becomes available.

Do note that in London, this timeline may be shorter due to high demand. And keep an eye out for students who often start their search months in advance, particularly during the summer holidays.

6. Reduce the upfront cost to the tenant

If everything else falls through, you could also consider encouraging prospective tenants to express interest in your property by cutting down on their initial expenses.

This means taking a closer look at costs such as the holding deposit, security deposit, and the first month’s rent, among other things.

When you lower these upfront costs, you open the door for a broader range of potential tenants who can afford your property.

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