How can I attract more tenants to my property listing?

(Published 2012. Last updated March, 2017)

We want your property advert to get as much attention a possible. We’ve identified seven major areas where you can improve it, and written a guide for each!

Click on a section below for an in-depth guide, or scroll down for a summary.

  1. Add Great Photos
  2. Add a Floorplan
  3. Set the Right Price
  4. Allow More Kinds of Tenant
  5. Advertise Across All Property Portals
  6. Time Your Entry into the Market
  7. Lower the Upfront Cost

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Summary Checklist: How to Get More Enquiries on Your Property Advert

Add Good Photos of Your Property

  • Photos are the most important part of an advert
  • The lead photo is the most important photo
  • Clean, tidy and decorate before taking photos
  • Use a professional for best results – the investment pays off!

Add a Floorplan

  • Floorplans are most important to professionals, since room size and configuration matters more to them
  • Lacking a floorplan makes it seem like you’re hiding something: e.g. a box bedroom

Assess Your Rental Price

  • Use our tool to find your price band
  • Work out where you should sit within that price band
  • Try and price the rent below ‘important’ round numbers to maximise exposure
  • Accept more types of tenant to get more enquiries:
    • Pet-owners
    • DSS tenants
    • Students
    • Couples/Room-sharers

Advertise Across All Online Platforms

  • Share a link to your advert on social media
  • Ask you friends to share it, too
  • Share it on housing groups on Facebook

Time Your Entry into the Market

  • You only get to be an exciting new property once! Don’t waste your time on the top of the listings
  • As a rule, upload your advert 4 weeks before your property is available
  • Timings may be shorter if the property is in London
  • Students may look months in advance due to summer holidays

Reduce the Upfront Cost to the Tenant

  • Remove fiscal barriers to enquiring about your property by lessening upfront costs
  • Target:
    • Holding deposit
    • Security deposit
    • Agency Fees
    • First Month’s Rent
  • The lower the upfront costs, the more tenants will be able to afford your property

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2 Replies to “How can I attract more tenants to my property listing?”

  1. All sounds great and helpful. My only observation from my experience is that holding deposit seems too low, which puts landlords in a negative position. Even my viewers say £200 is nothing and they could just leave it for another cheaper property, and many suggest £500. I would suggest we have different scales for different rental values. Even £500 is very modest for a £500/w+ property which is typical in London.

    1. Hi JH, thanks for your comment. It’s always great to hear landlords’ points of view.

      Certainly £200 is lower than the national average, but we know that it is enough to put off irresponsible behaviour from tenants. We have the data to back this up, too.

      We let well over 50,000 properties a year and have serviced over one million tenants. In all this experience, we’ve found that exceedingly few tenants have ever forfeited their holding deposit. Although it’s definitely comforting for landlords to have the cover of a £1,000 holding deposit, it is unnecessary the vast majority of the time. Further, by adding to the upfront moving costs of the tenant, it can actually cause financial loss by making the move-in monies unaffordable to tenants who could otherwise afford the property, and prolonging the void period.

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