Houses in Love Actually

How Much Do Love Actually Houses Cost to Rent Today?

We use our database of rental prices to show you how much homes from Love Actually would cost to rent today!

A sequel to 2003 film Love Actually has been announced for Red Nose Day 2017. It’s got us thinking…

Love Actually was a real who’s-who of British film. But it was also a showcase of London’s most desirable homes. Come on, who wouldn’t want to live in Colin Firth’s gorgeous Chiswick flat or Keira Knightley’s cute Notting Hill terrace?

But enough dreaming! It’s time to find out exactly how much these insanely bougie properties would cost to rent in today’s money. So take our hand and join us on a night bus ride of greed and desire, as we tour the houses featured in Richard Curtis’ Christmas Rom-Com masterpiece, Love Actually.

1. Keira Knightley & Chiwetel Ejiofor | 2 beds, St Luke’s Mews, Notting Hill | £2,750pcm

Keira Knightly's Colin Firth's House in Love Actually

Keira and Chiwetel landed an adorable 2-bed terrace in Notting Hill. This is the location for Mark’s mushy declaration of love for Juliet via a series of handwritten cue-cards. With a taste in real estate like this, is it any wonder Keira chose to marry Chiwetel and not Andrew Lincoln’s character?

Extrapolating from our recent properties to-let in the area, we’re putting this one at around £630 per week. Find your own Notting Hill home here!

2. Martine McCutcheon | 3 beds, Poplar Road, Herne Hill | £2,300pcmMartine's Colin Firth's House in Love Actually

When Prime Minister Hugh Grant is desperately searching for his Downing Street assistant-cum-love interest Martine, we’re led to believe he’s in the “dodgy end of Wandsworth”. But the house that is actually used as Martine’s character Natalie’s family home is on Poplar Road, Herne Hill.

According to our data, a three-bed terraced house in the Herne Hill area would now command £530 per week. Find your own place Herne Hill home. Check out properties to rent in the area here

3. Colin Firth | 2 beds, Blenheim Road, Turnham Green| £4,500pcm

Colin Firth's House in Love Actually

This is the garden flat where Firth’s character Jamie came across his girlfriend cheating on him with his brother. Amazingly, Firth’s actual house is just around the corner on the adjoining Woodstock Road!

The building is a Grade II listed Norman Shaw studio conversion (hence the huge windows). Jamie Bennett would have to have been a very successful author indeed to live here. A listed, 2-bed garden flat like this, just off the desirable Turnham Green Terrace would cost you a rather noticeable £1035 per week according to our data!

Become Colin’s neighbour. Find a house to rent in Chiswick here.

4. Andrew Lincoln | 2 bed, Southbank | £3,200pcm

Andrew Lincoln's Colin Firth's House in Love Actually

Mark, Andrew Lincoln’s character, seemed to live in a huge warehouse conversion-cum-artist’s studio just off Southbank. Although places like this don’t strictly exist as residential buildings, a 2-bed property on a road a prominent southbank road like New Globe Walk can now achieve a rental price of around £735 per week.

Find your own Southbank home here.

5. Hugh Grant | 10 Downing Street

#10 Downing Street

OK, you can’t rent out 10 Downing Street. But what if it wasn’t the PM’s house? What if it was just a regular house in SW1A? How much do similar properties in the area cost to rent? Click here to find out!

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