OpenRent expand to let boards to Manchester & Liverpool, start auto-fill advert descriptions and tenant concierge service

BBC Appearance, To-Let Boards & Easier Adverts

We’ve been blown away by the last month. By quite some way, it has been our busiest ever.

If you’ve been with us a long time, we really appreciate your ongoing help with changing the rental market for the better. If you’ve recently joined, welcome aboard!

As always, we’ve also been working hard to keep improving OpenRent for everyone. Here’s a roundup of the new things we’ve launched in the past month.

To-Let Boards Now Available in Manchester & Liverpool

If you’re local to Manchester or Liverpool, you might have noticed OpenRent boards springing up!

We strongly believe in online advertising – the vast, vast majority of tenants find their property online. But that doesn’t mean a physical presence at the property isn’t useful, too.

So from this month, following London and Bristol, landlords with properties in eligible areas of Manchester and Liverpool will have the opportunity to have a free OpenRent board at their advertised property.

Map of where OpenRent to let boards/flag are available in the UK

Seamless Move-in for Tenants

For tenants, this month, we’ve launched a trial integration with the folks over at Just Move In.

Just Move In provide a concierge service, entirely free of charge to tenants in our Rent Now process. If a tenant wants, we’ll be able to set up their council tax, TV and broadband, insurance, gas, electricity, phone, water & sewage, and help them with cleaning, removals, or storage.

It’s just another reason to use our Rent Now service to set up your tenancy.

Auto-fill Property Descriptions

Next time you come to list with us, you’ll notice that under ‘Property Description’ there are two options: ‘add description now’ and ‘add description later’.

If inspiration isn’t striking you, or you want to get your property live as soon as possible, you can now just press add description later.

This will activate some smart code that our tech team have put together, that will instantly generate a personalised description for your property, automatically. 

That means you don’t have to waste time perfecting your description before getting it out in front of potential tenants on the market.

Pretty cool, I think! And, if you don’t like what we generate for you, you can always come back and edit it, 24/7.

OpenRent Founder Adam on BBC News London

Finally! You might have seen our co-founder Adam on BBC News, talking about why online letting agents like OpenRent are doing so well while traditional high street agents face massive closures.

Until next time!


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