Why OpenRent is good for tenants

How OpenRent Gives Your Tenants a Great Experience

When you use OpenRent to set up a tenancy, there are many things we do for tenants that landlords might not see — or ever even hear about. But giving tenants a great experience is part of the reason we are able to let your property so quickly (within one week on average).

Tenants know that if they search for their new home on openrent.co.uk, they will be treated fairly, won’t have to deal with rip-off letting agents, and will have their money protected. They also get some handy benefits and freebies along the way!

Book Viewings, Place Deposits and Pay Rent: All Online!

Tenants don’t like dealing with letting agents. They don’t like having to call a busy phone line to book a viewing, and they certainly don’t like having to visit an office to pay a holding deposit! 

Tenants want to do everything on their phone, quickly and safely. OpenRent is the company that lets tenants book viewings via your online advert, place a holding deposit with a few taps on their phone, and even sign the contract electronically. It’s such a fast, smooth process that we can let your property in just a couple of days.

Email Alerts

For tenants, sifting through hundreds of available properties to find the right one is the most time-consuming part of the process. OpenRent lets tenants create search alerts. They enter their criteria (e.g. two-bed flat in SW9), and then as soon as you upload your flat they get an email.

That means they don’t have to spend hours scrolling through a list of properties. It also means you get the most interested tenants sent straight to your advert. Win-win! 

Protection from Scams

When entering a new tenancy agreement, tenants always have, at the back of their mind, a fear of being screwed over. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there who will rent an apartment on Airbnb, pretend they own it, give tenants viewings and then steal their deposits. 

OpenRent has advanced systems in place to detect scammers and block them from ever using the site. We also hold on to tenants’ money until they happily move in. This peace of mind means tenants totally trust OpenRent to handle their move in money, and won’t delay placing a deposit on your property.

No Dead Listings

Wheeler-dealer letting agents love to keep attractive properties online even after the property has been filled. These adverts are called ‘feeders’; they cause a lot of tenants to call up and enquire, just so the agent can say “That one has just let, but we have another you may like…”

This infuriates tenants and shows you just how much traditional agents struggle to find tenants without resorting to dodgy tricks. 

On OpenRent, as soon as a property is let, it is taken down automatically. This means tenants know everything they see on our site is genuinely available to let. It also gives the other adverts more room to breathe, so you’ll find a tenant even faster.

No Fees Ever

Tenants remember that OpenRent never charged agency fees. Since founding in 2011, to becoming the UK’s biggest agent in 2015, to supporting the Tenant Fees Act which finally made charging tenants illegal in 2019, we are known for treating tenants fairly. 

Tenant Concierge Service

The icing on the cake. OpenRent provides a free service to help them set up their utility services and find the best deal. Even better, the service starts before they move in, which means that everything can be set up in time for move in day. 

Your tenants will love not having to wait three weeks for their broadband to be connected! 

Tenants love it when landlords use OpenRent. A happy tenant means a happy tenancy. Learn all the things we do to make your life easier.

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