OpenRent’s Tenant Concierge Service

Feature Spotlights show you all the neat little things OpenRent does that make your life easier. 

Since 2018, we’ve helped thousands of OpenRent tenants move home with our free tenancy concierge service. Tenants absolutely love this service, but it’s not something we talk about a lot — especially with landlords. 

But we think that this service benefits everyone. That’s why I’m choosing it for this month’s Feature Spotlight. 

What is the tenant concierge service?

We offer a free move-in service to tenants that helps them with all the admin of moving home. They can benefit from comparing utility suppliers and having services set up before they even move into the property. 

OpenRent’s tenant concierge can help with:

  • Electricity 
  • Gas
  • Broadband 
  • Council tax
  • Contents insurance
  • Cleaning 
  • Removals 

Tenants love moving in with all of this set up and ready to go. It’s the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got a great deal combined with somebody else doing all the admin work for you. Ideal! 

The concierge service is great for…

  • Properties where the bills are in the tenant’s name (i.e. ‘bills not included’)
  • Landlords who want their tenants to have a smooth move-in
  • Avoiding the slow transfer of bill ownership between tenancies
  • Finding the best utility, insurance and internet providers
  • Tenants too busy to search the market and set up new services themselves
  • Tenants who don’t want to wait weeks for their broadband to be connected
  • Finding green energy providers
  • Inexperienced tenants like students

I love this feature because…

We all hate spending hours on the phone to a call centre when we should be at work or relaxing on the weekend. Doing this at the same time as moving home is all the worse.

Handling this work for tenants means we’re ensuring your tenancy gets off to the best start possible. Tenants love using OpenRent because they know they won’t pay any fees and they will get to have a direct relationship with the landlord. 

Now, that feelgood attitude can last even longer. The concierge service takes all the stress away so that tenants can focus on enjoying their new home. We save tenants 8 hours of admin on average!

How to Use the Concierge Service

The concierge service is automatically available to all tenants in England and Wales who are entering a Rent Now tenancy. Tenants are asked whether they’d like to opt in to the service just after they finish signing the tenancy agreement. 

If the tenant opts in, then they are contacted by our concierge partner to help get them set up before they move in. Then they can order moving services, utility setup and more — all before they even move out of their old place. Say goodbye to waiting two weeks to be connected to broadband! 

Tenant Concierge is available to tenants for free when their landlord uses Rent Now to let a whole property. Find out about all the great things Rent Now offers here.

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