Hello to the 2,000,000th OpenRenter

This month we said hello to our two millionth customer! We’re thrilled that so many people have trusted us to help them find and let rental property. 

Thank you so much. We promise to return your trust by continuing to develop great new services at unbeatable prices.

How We Got Here

When we founded in 2012, the rented sector was dominated by middlemen agents who ripped off tenants with huge fees and gave a poor, expensive service to landlords. We were determined not to charge tenants any agency/admin fees and to give landlords real value. 

Since then, we have grown to become the UK’s largest agent, letting over 100,000 properties a year, and being used in Parliament as proof that agents didn’t need to rip people off to be successful. 

What’s Next?

There are an estimated 2.7m landlords in the UK according to tax return data. There were 4.5m households in the Private Rented Sector in 2017. 

We want to be the number one place to go for all landlords looking for great tenants, and all tenants looking to find a home. We will continue to improve the rented sector through leading by example and focusing on getting the things you care about right. 

The more tenants and landlords use OpenRent, the easier it will be for you to let your property or find a new home. Invite a new user now

2 Replies to “Hello to the 2,000,000th OpenRenter”

  1. Hi

    As a Landlord user of Openrent I wondefred if you have the following in mind.

    Any plans to offer a property sales platform and also an International Sales and Lettings platform.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for commenting. We don’t have any plans to create a sales platform at the moment. We’re focusing on solving problems in lettings and there’s a long way to go! It’s always tempting as a growing company to spin out different operations which distract from your core business. We’re determined to focus on lets for the immediate future. Thanks for your interest!

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