Feature Spotlight: Renewals

Feature Spotlights show you all the neat little things OpenRent does that make your life easier. 

Hey, it’s Sam here to kick off a series where OpenRent team members share our favourite OpenRent features. I want to talk about my favourite feature, free renewals with OpenRent.

Renewals are a Celebration

Renewals are the mark of a happy tenancy. You’ve got to the end of your fixed term, and everyone wants to lock it in for another six months, a year or longer! 

Because a renewal is a celebration, we’ve made it super simple to renew. And even better we don’t charge a thing. OpenRent renewals are completely free for both landlords and tenants.

Free renewals are great for landlords who…

  • Are happy with their current tenants 
  • Want security from another fixed term, instead of allowing the tenancy to become periodic
  • Want to change the rental amount or add a new clause
  • Want OpenRent to handle their deposit and contract admin

I love this feature because…

We have taken one of the most inflated, overpriced fees agents charge, and made it completely free! There’s no reason to charge £150 for reissuing a contract, and now OpenRent users don’t have to. 

How to Renew

When your Rent Now tenancy has two months left to run, you will see the option to renew appear on your tenancy page on your OpenRent dashboard. Simply click on the tenancy and then Renewal Options to get going. 

From there you can edit the rental amount, the notice address, the break clause, the tenancy length and clauses. We’ll collect the signatures from the tenants and take care of all your legal obligations, like re-serving the How to Rent guide and the deposit information.

If you want to add a new tenant to your tenancy, please do contact us here and we’ll be happy to help. 

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This article is not intended to form legal or investment advice. Investments in property are not guaranteed and can decrease in value as well as increase.

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