[INFOGRAPHIC] When Is the Tenant Fee Ban? (And Why Hasn’t it Happened Yet?)

[Update: The Draft Tenant Fee Ban has been published! Check it out here.]

A ban on letting fees was announced back in 2016, so why isn’t it in place yet?

It’s been going on for so long that the department responsible has even changed names – and the new MHCLG (formerly the DCLG) has said that the ban on letting agent fees to tenants won’t happen until after spring 2019.

Although it was announced in November 2016, a lot has happened since then to cast doubt on the policy:

  • The Government that announced the ban has lost its majority
  • The housing minister lost his seat
  • the policy consultation was cut short
  • the MP who seems to have been entrusted with championing the debate is also the chairman and co-founder of Hunters Letting Agents
  • The housing minister changed again

Meanwhile, every day that the Government delays the ban on letting fees, renters across the UK are paying over £1m in letting agent fees.

Our infographic¬†timeline explains all…

are tenant fees banned from letting agents and when will the tenant fee ban come into force?

2 Replies to “[INFOGRAPHIC] When Is the Tenant Fee Ban? (And Why Hasn’t it Happened Yet?)”

  1. perhaps the reason being. if the tennant stops paying the fees. then the letting agent will bill the landlord for the fees, as there are many politicians who are landlords. they dont want to pay . it all boils down to greed,

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