Switching to OpenRent from Upad

Landlords often ask us how to switch from their current letting agent to OpenRent. It’s really simple. 

OpenRent’s Transparent Pricing

Here I have paired our services with the closest equivalent service from Upad so you can quickly decide which service you need when switching to OpenRent. 

All our fees are one-off, upfront fees including VAT. 

Light Advertising | £0

Advertise for free on OpenRent
Viewings and enquiry organiser
Completely free with no hidden costs

Ultimate Advertising | £29

Advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla

UChoose | £149

Advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla
£120 saved
Rent Now | £49

Full tenancy creation service
Digital contract drafting and signing
Rent collection
Deposit registration

UChoose Plus | £298

Tenant signup
Tenancy compliance
£249 saved
Mixed Services | £321

Ultimate Advertising
Rent Now
Professional photography
Tenant Referencing

Fully Managed | £1,895

Advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla
Premium adverts
Property management
£1,574 saved*

*Assuming three viewings and three tenant referencing checks and an 18-month tenancy. 

Creating a New Tenancy with OpenRent

If you are creating a new tenancy, then you just need to decide which of the above services you’d like to use. You can create your advert for free here.

Join OpenRent now.

Renewing a Tenancy with OpenRent

If you already have tenants in your property, and just want to issue a new tenancy agreement, it’s very easy.

You can buy our tenancy creation package, which is called Rent Now, to create a tenancy. It is a one-off fee of £49 and future renewals are completely free.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, create a free listing on our site (which takes about 3 mins) 
  2. When your advert is live, ask the tenants to click the Rent Now button on the advert and place a holding deposit. 
  3. You will get a text with instructions on how to accept the holding deposit. 
  4. You will be asked if you’d like to reference the tenants. If you don’t want to, simply skip this stage.
  5. Finally, you’ll proceed to the tenancy deposit and contract stages. Everything is handled digitally by us.

The whole process is here.

Create an OpenRent advert to begin your renewal

Moving an Existing Tenancy to OpenRent

If you have a tenancy in progress, but want to move it onto OpenRent, we can do that too!

  1. Go to our site and create an account (this is very speedy!)
  2. Then go to this page
  3. Fill in the details of your tenancy
  4. Press save

This is totally free and as soon as you add your tenancy to OpenRent, you’ll benefit from being an OpenRent landlord. 

You’ll receive our tenancy support emails and newsletter, keeping you up to date with new laws and regulations. We’ll send you reminders when your gas safety certificate or EPC is due to expire. 

But the real magic starts when you need to create a new tenancy. With your current tenancy already added to your OpenRent account, it’s so quick and simple to create a new OpenRent tenancy. 

FAQs for New OpenRent Landlords

I Want OpenRent to Collect My Rent

OpenRent offers rent collection to all Rent Now tenancies. We’ll collect the rent every month and pass it straight on to you. Unlike other agents, we don’t charge a percentage fee. It’s all included in the £49 Rent Now price.

The only way to get rent collection is to create a new Rent Now Tenancy. 

How to create a Rent Now tenancy and get ongoing Rent Collection

I Want OpenRent to Manage My Ongoing Tenancy

We have a great range of services, but we don’t claim to offer a ‘full management’ service. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly we think that management services are terrible value for landlords. You pay every month without getting very much back at all. 

Why should you pay £1,000s for a managed service?

Instead, you can get individual services when you need them, at fantastic prices, without a letting agent adding a fat markup. 

  • Viewings
  • Referencing
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance
  • Gas safety certificate
  • EPC
  • EIC

+ many more.

View all OpenRent services.

2 Replies to “Switching to OpenRent from Upad”

  1. I used UPAD for years until about June when I started using OpenRent. One advantage of UPAD was that each advertisment remained on their site and needed only to be re-activated. All my property ads became inaccessible once UPAD went into administration so I have to start from scratch when I advertise. UPAD made no provision for their clients to retrieve the ads by downloading and ignored my rquest to leave a part of their site active to enable that. I imagine every single former client would like to be able to do that. Would it not be a huge harvest of new clients for OpenRent as well as helping former UPAD clients for OpenRent to approach the administrator to see if that can be arranged? By the way the copyright of the content of every ad remains with the former clients.

    1. Hi Hugh,

      Upad own the data you are referring to, including personally identifiable data about their customers, and so it is no straightforward matter for OpenRent to be able to access it.

      Luckily, it only takes a few minutes to create an OpenRent listing. I think the record is 87 seconds. So hopefully Upad landlords won’t have to spend too much time creating listings via OpenRent.

      Just so you know, OpenRent also allows landlords to republish old adverts in a few clicks so that you do not have to create an ad from scratch every time.

      Best wishes,

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