how will landlords and tenants vote in the 2024 general election

Survey: How Will Landlords and Tenants Vote in the 2024 General Election?

  • 37.8% of tenants support Labour, with almost 70% advocating for rent controls
  • Landlords stand by the Conservative Party despite significant disappointment (38.2%) with Rishi Sunak’s government
  • A surprise contender, Reform UK, captures 14.4% of landlord votes

OpenRent, the UK’s largest letting agent has conducted a survey to uncover the political preferences of landlords and tenants ahead of the 2024 general election on Thursday, 4th July. 

Sent to 20,000 landlords and 20,000 tenants nationwide, this survey provides revealing insights into the needs and concerns of these key figures in the private rented sector.

Tenants’ political preferences and policy priorities

Tenants lean towards the Labour Party, with 37.8% indicating their intention to vote Labour, while a significant 32.5% remain undecided. The Green Party follows with 8.4%, whereas the Conservatives lag behind at 5.3%, contrasting sharply with landlords’ preference of 25.9%.

Among tenants, housing and rental market policies hold even greater importance, with 59.7% considering them “Very important”.

Moreover, dissatisfaction with the current government’s performance is notably high, with 65.3% “Very dissatisfied” and 20.0% “Dissatisfied”.

Tenants are calling for several key policy changes, including, rent controls and/or rent caps to limit rent increases and better support for low-income tenants and housing benefits.

It’s worth noting that, despite strong campaigning for the abolition of Section 21, meaning ending ‘no-fault’ evictions, only about a quarter of tenants expressed interest in “longer and more secure” tenancies. 

Survey Results
1Rent controls and/or rent caps to limit rent increases67.5%
2Better support for low-income tenants and housing benefits54.1%
3More affordable housing construction45.0%
4Stronger tenant rights and protections41.6%
5Improved standards for property maintenance and repairs32.5%
6Longer and more secure tenancies26.6%
7Increased regulation of letting agents and landlords23.8%
8Stricter regulations and protections against unfair evictions22.5%
9Greater transparency in the rental process (e.g., fees, contracts)17.2%
10Enhanced energy efficiency standards for rental properties12.5%

Landlords’ political preferences and policy priorities

Similar to tenants, a substantial portion of landlords remain undecided about which party to support, with 30.8% yet to make a choice. Among those who have decided, the Conservative Party leads with 25.9%, followed by the Labour Party at 15.3% and Reform UK at 14.4%.

Housing and rental market policies are important for landlords, with 44.2% rating them as “Very important” in their voting decision.

However, there is widespread dissatisfaction with the current government’s handling of these issues, as 38.2% of landlords feel “Very dissatisfied” and 36.4% are “Dissatisfied”.

Landlords have also voiced their policy preferences for the next government, including lower tax obligations on rental income and improved protections against tenant damage and rent defaults.

There’s also strong demand for quicker, more efficient eviction processes, even though Section 21 evictions remain in place, as the Renters (Reform) Bill didn’t pass into law before the dissolution of parliament.

Survey Results
1Reduced tax burdens on rental income64.3%
2Greater protection against tenant damage and rent arrears62.1%
3Quicker and easier eviction processes60.4%
4More favourable mortgage interest tax relief50.5%
5Financial incentives for maintaining and upgrading rental properties31.2%
6Funding to support energy efficiency upgrades30.5%
7Fair and consistent enforcement of licensing and accreditation standards16.7%
8Greater flexibility in setting rental prices and terms16.0%
9Better benefits and support for tenants in financial difficulty12.7%
10Increased housing supply and new construction11.4%

Implications for the 2024 election

“Housing is one of the biggest issues for voters, and the country. Our unprecedented survey shows significant dissatisfaction with government policy from both tenants and landlords alike,” says Adam Hyslop, founder of OpenRent.

“These are real people, with real problems, and whichever party wins in July should take the concerns expressed by both sides of the rental market very seriously.”

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