Guidance for landlords during coronavirus in the UK

Should I Move House During Coronavirus Lockdown?

The Government has provided guidance on moving home during this period. Where possible, any moves should be delayed until travel restrictions are lifted. This is in order to further reduce contact between households to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, if it is essential for a house move to go ahead, for example due to risk of homelessness or other reasons, then the move should go ahead taking all reasonable precautions to reduce contact between people. You can read a full guide on social distancing on the Government’s website:

Often, it will not be possible for tenants to remain in their current home without facing serious problems over safety, mental health, debt and more. Moving at this time will not be easy, but there are still many good reasons why some people have no choice but to move home. It is important these people are not made to feel they cannot move if the alternative is becoming homeless or being at severe risk.

OpenRent is here to help people who need to find a home during the coronavirus emergency.

People in the rental sector are facing many challenges at the moment but if you really do need to move, we will support you. We urge all our customers to act sensibly, reasonably, and altruistically at what is a difficult time for our country.

The Government will be issuing further guidance on the movement of people on Tuesday 14th April. We will of course, provide further guidance as we receive it.

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