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Rent Calculator: Set the Perfect Rental Price in Seconds

We’ve launched a new Rent Calculator! It tells you the rental value of any property, anywhere in the UK. Simply enter your postcode plus a few details.

Landlords! Find the perfect rental price in seconds

Tenants! Easily research rental prices across the UK

Use the Rent Calculator Now!

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A Tool for Landlords and Tenants

We know that setting the right rental price is the most important part of putting your property on the market. Too much and your property will sit void for week. Too little and you will lose money over the course of the tenancy.

This expert Rent Calculator means you can wave goodbye to hours of market research and days spent trawling listings sites. We’ve done it all for you. Get the right price in seconds.

Tenants can also use the application to research the rental market anywhere in the UK, helping them budget for a move across the UK, or just across London. Inexperienced renters (e.g. students) can also use the calculator to quickly get to grasp with rental prices as they enter the private rental sector for the first time.

It’s a win for transparency and openness in the rental market.

The Science

Our team of mathematicians and IT experts have combined dozens of data-sources to produce the perfect formula. Drawing on both public and owned data, the OpenRent Rent Calculator finds a highly-accurate rental price range with just a postcode and number of bedrooms.

Users can then hone in dramatically, entering more and more information until an exact market price is recommended for the property.

Find Tenants Quickly, at the Best Possible Price

This new tool was developed in-house at OpenRent and will now be used to help optimise landlords’ rental adverts, resulting in a better customer experience for everyone.

A price that is too high will put tenants off, risking a costly void period. A price that’s too low will cost the landlord in the long run.

With the new tool, landlords will instantly be told whether the rental price they enter is suitable for the property. This makes sure properties enter the market at the right price first time, so landlords can find a tenant in the shortest possible time and at the best possible price.

click through to the rent calculator tool

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27 March 2017

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