Introducing: Monthly Rent Collection

Free Monthly Rent Collection + How to Turn it on

Today, we’re really proud to announce the launch of our new monthly rent collection service.

It’s totally free – with no monthly or initial charge – and available to anyone with a current or future tenancy created using our Rent Now service.

We’ve built it – and made it free – because we want Rent Now to be as useful as possible, and great value, too. Continue reading “Introducing: Monthly Rent Collection”

Tenant Fees Bill: a Legal Review for Landlords

The Government plan to ban tenant fees is getting closer to becoming law. The policy divides landlords with 64% supporting the bill and 36% opposing. Whatever you think of it, we want to help you understand exactly what the ban means for you. 

Here to talk us through the finer legal details of the Tenant Fees Bill is Samuel Beswick, a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow at Harvard Law School and author of several papers on UK lettings law.

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