BBC Appearance, To-Let Boards & Easier Adverts

OpenRent expand to let boards to Manchester & Liverpool, start auto-fill advert descriptions and tenant concierge service

We’ve been blown away by the last month. By quite some way, it has been our busiest ever.

If you’ve been with us a long time, we really appreciate your ongoing help with changing the rental market for the better. If you’ve recently joined, welcome aboard!

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Surrendering a Tenancy Agreement by Mutual Consent

End a tenancy agreement early using implied or express surrender of tenancy

There are two main ways to end a tenancy. The landlord or the tenant can serve notice, ending the tenancy according to the rules laid out in the contract. Alternatively, both the landlord and the tenant can agree to end the tenancy by mutual agreement.

In the first situation, the rules of the contract must be followed closely because only one party wants to end the tenancy, and the rules of the tenancy agreement are there to ensure this happens fairly and smoothly.

In the second, because both parties are happy to proceed according to new, agreed terms, the tenancy-ending mechanisms in the contract (e.g. how much notice to give) don’t have to be followed. This is called a surrender of tenancy.

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How to Get a Warrant of Possession When Evicting Rental Tenants

How to Evict a Tenant: Step Three: Warrant of Possession

This guide is the last of the three-step process to evicting a tenant. To get to this point, a landlord must have:

  1. served notice and waited for it to expire
  2. applied to court for a possession order and then waited until that has expired

This article explains what happens when the Possession Order expires (i.e. at the end of stage 2, and into the final stage). Continue reading “How to Get a Warrant of Possession When Evicting Rental Tenants”

How to Gain Possession and Evict a Tenant for Rent Arrears

How much rent arrears before a landlord can evict a tenant using a section 8 eviction notice?

How to Evict a Tenant: Step Two: Gain a Possession Order

This is a guide on how landlords can evict tenants who routinely fail to pay the rent or have run up large rent arrears. This is a very serious thing to do, but it’s also a clear and well-trodden process.

Lots of people want you to think that evicting a tenant is very complicated, so they can charge you money to do it for you. Continue reading “How to Gain Possession and Evict a Tenant for Rent Arrears”