How to Formalise a Temporary Rent Reduction or Rent Holiday

How to Agree a Temporary Rent Reduction

Many landlords have been asking how to go about formalising an agreement with their tenant to temporarily lower or suspend the rent. Understandably landlords will want to help out their tenants without accidentally breaching the Tenant Fees Act 2019 or permanently reducing the rent. This post gives some simple tips how to help tenants out without falling into any legal traps. 

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Landlord Guide to the UK General Election 2019

A guide to the general election manifesto promises of each major party in the uk, aimed at landlords and describing tax and rented sector policy commitments

We know that you will be considering how the plans of each party will affect you as a landlord at this general election. 

To help you quickly get a grasp on the main positions of each party, we have written a summary of what the three large national parties (the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats) are promising in their manifestos. 

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