OpenRent launches online video viewings service for tenants looking for properties during social distancing due to coronavirus

OpenRent Launches Online Video Viewings

Tenants can now search properties based on whether they can view them online. By ticking the ‘Video Tour’ filter in the search options, tenants will only see properties that support virtual viewings and video tours. 

Landlords who are able to provide a live video viewing of the property, or a pre-recorded tour, can select this box when creating their advert to ensure they show up in tenants’ ‘Video Tour’ searches. Landlords can add videos to their advert and perform live viewings using apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime or Zoom. 

As an online company, we’ve always wanted to support online viewings, and have made it easy for landlords to share videos, as well as standard photos of their properties. 

Now, with tenants everywhere unable to easily go out and view new homes, online viewings have become an important part of the renting process. That’s why it was time to create this handy new search filter.

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How to perform viewings online

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