The best websites and forums for landlords in the UK

Best Landlord Forums and Websites

Being a landlord can be a lonely business. You probably work alone — or with one partner if you’re lucky. And most of your conversations with tenants and tradespeople only happen when things go wrong!

It’s so important for landlords new and old to be able to speak to others who have been through the same experience and come out the other side. You can let off steam, get advice from old hands and stay on top of new rules you might have missed. 

As more and more of us are working from home, the best way to do this is online, through landlord forums and websites designed to help landlords connect and communicate. This article gives you the best websites out there for landlords. 

Landlord Forums

Landlord forums and chat rooms are websites where landlords can post topics and reply to each other, helping each other with problems, sharing information and telling stories of tenancies past. 

With around 2,500,000 landlords in the UK, there are some thriving UK landlord forums out there, with really valuable content from knowledgeable moderators and reliable contributors who love to help out new landlords and those in need of advice, support or perspective.

Here are the best UK landlord forums.

1. OpenRent Community

The OpenRent Community originally kicked off as a place for OpenRent’s 2,500,000 users to connect and learn more about using OpenRent. But it has quickly grown into one of the biggest and busiest online landlord forums in the country, with over 1,000 posts per month. Unlike other forums, there are no adverts and no sponsored content. 

The OpenRent Community is special in that it has sections for both landlords and tenants (although there are many more landlords than tenants). This means that landlords can get a tenant perspective, helping them learn how things look from ‘the other side’, which can be an invaluable resource when trying to work out how to resolve disputes or be a supportive landlord.

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2. LandlordZONE

LandlordZONE has been around for a while  since 1999 in fact. Because of this, it is more of an old school messaging board than a modern web forum. This means it can be a little less intuitive to use for new users, although its age means it now has tens of thousands of topics and some long-established contributors. 

3. Property Tribes

Property Tribes is another great forum. It has a magazine feel and it’s owners Vanessa and Nick source great contributors from various letting companies and services (many of these are paid sponsorships, however). 

Landlord Websites

Landlord websites are filled with helpful guides, information and content. From legal help to maintenance to finance, a good landlord website can be a godsend, giving you the exact information you need just when you need it. 

As more and more landlords take renting into their own hands and reject the huge fees charged by high street letting agents, many sites have appeared in order to give landlords the information they need to be successful, including this site: the OpenRent Landlord Hub.

While we want our Landlord Hub to be as useful as possible, there are some other great landlord websites out there, too. Here are our top picks. 

1. Property Investment Project

Property Investment Project has a wealth of useful information for new landlords and those looking to expand their portfolios. The content is written in an informal and lively style; but don’t let that fool you into thinking it lacks accuracy or insight. PIP is one of the best landlord websites out there due to its straight talking approach. As well as guides and explainers, PIP also reviews online agents and other landlord services.

2. Nearly Legal

Nearly Legal is a fount of knowledge on housing law and regulations. Its views and analysis eventually trickles down to other publishers who repeat it as fact. Why not get it from the horse’s mouth? In this case, that horse is Giles Peaker from Anthony Gold solicitors. You can be sure everything on this blog is diligently researched and summarised beautifully. If you have questions on housing law, this is the best place to look. 


The UK’s two largest landlord associations, the NLA and RLA, merged in 2020 to form the NRLA. The resulting website combines the best of two experienced teams. Their documents and guides section is especially helpful for landlords who are doing things like serving notices or writing rent increase forms by themselves for the first time. 

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