five spring maintenance tasks for landlords

5 Spring Maintenance Tasks for Landlords

Want to make property maintenance a piece of cake? Here you will find 5 quick and simple spring cleaning hacks for landlords.

As the unforgiving winter weather eases and spring starts to flourish, it’s an ideal moment to inspect your property for any damage caused by the damp, cold, and frost.

Spotting any problems early on can prevent your property from enduring serious damage that might require a considerable amount of time and money to fix if left unattended.

Now’s your chance to give your property a thorough check as the weather becomes gentler and the days grow longer, making it simpler to keep an eye on its condition.

  1. Outdoor upkeep and landscaping
  2. Dealing with mould and damp
  3. Cleaning gutters and drains 
  4. Inspecting fire and other safety systems
  5. HVAC maintenance

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Outdoor upkeep and landscaping

With the grass turning greener by the day, a thorough lawn cleanup and trim can make a big difference. 

This also involves pruning tree branches that could potentially harm windows or those that might be susceptible to strong winds.

During autumn and winter, leaves and small twigs may have accumulated in the gutters, so be sure to inspect and clean them out. Additionally, giving the driveway a thorough wash can make a difference.

Dealing with mould and damp

If you come across cracks or damages during your exterior inspection, there may be a risk of water seepage or leaks.

After months of rain and snow, there’s potential for mould growth due to accumulated moisture.

Keep an eye out for visible signs of mould, such as discolouration or musty odours in walls, window panes, carpets, and tiles.

Mould poses serious health risks, from throat irritation to exacerbating asthma conditions, so it’s crucial to address it promptly and effectively. 

Learn more about effectively addressing damp and mould issues, along with understanding both your responsibilities and those of your tenants, by checking out our blog post here.

Cleaning gutters and drains 

Blocked drains and sewers can swiftly render a living space unwelcoming and uninhabitable. Surprisingly, this aspect of property maintenance is often overlooked.

Ensure drains are clear of blockages caused by faulty plumbing, invading tree roots, or household waste.

Taking proactive measures to clean them and advising your tenants to keep an eye on them can prevent a lot of trouble and inconvenience down the line.

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Inspecting fire and other safety systems

While conducting your routine spring maintenance at the property, it’s a perfect opportunity to inspect the fire, electrical, and other safety systems.

Remember to replace the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, even if they don’t appear to need it.

This helps prevent unexpected battery failures throughout the year and discourages tenants from removing batteries to stop the beeping.

Ensure your tenants and property are fully protected by booking your electrical safety inspection today.

HVAC maintenance

Spring presents an ideal window for HVAC maintenance since it’s neither excessively hot nor cold, making it convenient for your tenants if systems are temporarily turned off for a few hours.

Even if your HVAC appears to be functioning well, neglecting regular maintenance can result in poor air quality and moisture accumulation, leading to potential issues later on.

In addition to changing filters, this is also a good time to ensure all other appliances such as the boiler and/or kitchen equipment are in top working order.

If you’re due for a gas safety inspection, OpenRent provides access to a nationwide network of trusted Gas Safe registered engineers. You can rest assured that your property is in capable hands.

This article is not intended to form legal or investment advice. Investments in property are not guaranteed and can decrease in value as well as increase.

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