Introducing: Monthly Rent Collection

Today, we’re really proud to announce the launch of our new monthly rent collection service.

It’s totally free – with no monthly or initial charge – and available to anyone with a current or future tenancy created using our Rent Now service.

We’ve built it – and made it free – because we want Rent Now to be as useful as possible, and great value, too.

How does it work?

We provide tenants with OpenRent’s bank details, and they pay us. As soon as the rent hits our account, we instantly send the rent out to you.

There’s no holding period and no fees: as soon as the rent is paid to us, we pay it to you, automatically.

We’ll send you a brief confirmation email with each payment we make to you, so your records are up-to-date without you needing to check your bank.

If your tenant is late on rent, we’ll notify you automatically, and chase the tenant on your behalf.

If, for whatever reason, your tenant stops paying, we have legal partners who will be happy to help.

How can I activate it in a new tenancy?

If you’re currently creating a tenancy using our Rent Now service (or going to in the future), wait until you get to the ‘Contract Drafting’ stage of the process.

You’ll see the following option when you’re setting up the contract:

How to activate rent collection in rent now on OpenRent

Just tick the boxes and Rent Collection will be enabled!

How can I activate Rent Collection in my existing Rent Now tenancy?

If you’ve got an ongoing Rent Now tenancy, you can still use our Rent Collection service. Just go to the ‘Tenancies’ tab in your OpenRent account, and choose the tenancy you want to enable it for.

Scroll down and you’ll see the following option:

Click ‘View Rent Collection Service’, then click ‘Enable Rent Collection’:

How to activate rent collection in rent now on OpenRent 2

We’ll email your tenants with the updated payment details, and let you know when they make the first payment.

You’ll get a record online, and by email, of all the payments your tenants make.

Tell us what to build next!

We want OpenRent to be the best it can be: from advertising your property, all the way through to the end of your tenancy. 

Tell us what to build next by answering our short survey, here.

Just drop us a message if you’ve got any questions or feedback about the new service!

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