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25 January 2023

Important Dates to be Aware of in 2023

8 March 2022

Who is the Patron Saint of Moving House?

Law & Regulation
27 May 2021

Under the hood: how OpenRent helped our 3.2 million landlords and tenants get EICRs during a 600% spike in demand

28 January 2021

Automation? More than a Buzzword for OpenRent Landlords

Why OpenRent is good for tenants
13 November 2020

How OpenRent Gives Your Tenants a Great Experience

The best websites and forums for landlords in the UK
16 October 2020

Best Landlord Forums and Websites

OpenRent 'DSS' policy
7 September 2020

Helping Benefit Claimants Find Their Perfect Home

7 September 2020

OpenRent Can Now Help You to Add or Remove Tenants When You Renew Your Contract

OpenRent launches online video viewings service for tenants looking for properties during social distancing due to coronavirus
17 April 2020

OpenRent Launches Online Video Viewings