How to Get More People to See Your Property Advert

How to advertise your rental property on the internet

In the UK, advertising your rental property online is now the normal way to find tenants. There’s a lot more to it, however, then sticking your property on Gumtree and then waiting for the phone to ring!

Here we use our experience as the UK’s largest letting agent to share our top tips on advertising your property online, helping you find great tenants faster and for less money! Continue reading “How to Get More People to See Your Property Advert”

Accepting DSS Tenants, Couples, Pets & Students

How to accept DSS,, families, students and tenants with pets, without increasing risk

Some landlords limit their tenant-pool by not advertising to certain groups. This is a leading reason why online property adverts sometimes fail to create enquiries and viewings. Put simply, the fewer people you advertise to, the fewer enquiries you will get.

Only around 20% of all households in England are private sector renters (although this is growing). That’s roughly 4.5m households. This means your market for tenants is not huge – especially outside of major cities.

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5 Tips for Renting to Students

save the student featured image

If you want to enjoy an uneventful student tenancy, this post is for you!

Did you know that 14% of landlords let to students? If you are a landlord in a university town, learning how to accommodate student tenants’ needs with minimal friction is crucial.

To give us some great advice on the unique needs of student tenants, student interest website Save the Student has shared their top five tips on renting to students. Read on and find out how to minimise your risk when renting to Britain’s next generation. Continue reading “5 Tips for Renting to Students”

How Much Do Love Actually Houses Cost to Rent Today?

Houses in Love Actually

We use our database of rental prices to show you how much homes from Love Actually would cost to rent today!

A sequel to 2003 film Love Actually has been announced for Red Nose Day 2017. It’s got us thinking…

Love Actually was a real who’s-who of British film. But it was also a showcase of London’s most desirable homes. Come on, who wouldn’t want to live in Colin Firth’s gorgeous Chiswick flat or Keira Knightley’s cute Notting Hill terrace?

But enough dreaming! It’s time to find out exactly how much these insanely bougie properties would cost to rent in today’s money. So take our hand and join us on a night bus ride of greed and desire, as we tour the houses featured in Richard Curtis’ Christmas Rom-Com masterpiece, Love Actually.

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